How it all works...

Our clients will require a competent engineer to design a suitable edge protection for their needs. The Designer should be made aware of the class of edge protection required and the need for the design to be dynamically tested. This design is to be made available to Harrigen prior to any testing taking place.
Harrigen builds the clients edge protection design on the Harrigen test rig in Buckinghamshire, using Harrigen materials. Alternatively, the client provides all materials and labour to construct the design on the Harrigen test rig. Harrigen verify the system is assembled as per the design supplied, prior to executing the series of tests.
All testing is carried out strictly in accordance with the test methods specified in BS EN13374:2013+A1:2018. The test is documented and recorded on video. Harrigen provide a test report and certificate to confirm the results of the tests (pass or fail). Clients will then use this information as evidence that their design complies with BS EN 13374:2013+A1:2018.
Important note: Harrigen Ltd. will have no input regarding the system design.
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Additional, independent guidance and information on Edge Protection to BS EN 13374 can be found through the FASET website or the Edge Protection Federation website.